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Breville ClaroSwiss Water Filter BES008

Fresh great tasting coffee starts with clean water.

Scale build up can affect taste, performance and eventually, the life of an espresso machine. The ClaroSwiss Filter significantly reduces scale for up to three months or 40 L of water, and no need to use a descaler.  

ClaroSwiss Water Filter for the owners of the following Espresso Machines:
  • the Oracle® Touch (BES990 - Batch 1747 & up)
  • the Oracle® (BES980 - Batch 1814 & up)
  • the Barista Pro™ (BES878)
  • the Barista Touch™ (BES880)
  • the Dual Boiler™ (BES920 - Batch 1801 & up)



  • reduces water harness, for optimal coffee taste and protection of the appliance from calcification
  • reduction of substances with negative impact on coffee taste and aroma (ex. chlorine)
  • reduction of heavy metals (lead, copper)
  • reduction of dissolved organics (pesticides)
  • replace water filter every three months / 40L of water
  • remove excess mineral and scale build-up