Espresso Machine Maintenance ⎮Urnex Rinza⎮Milk Frother & Wand Cleaner

Maintaining clean espresso machine equipment is imperative for your health and the health of your machine.   

Be sure to clean the milk frother and milk wand regularly to avoid sour milk and clogged tubes. Keep in mind you must use food safe and machine safe grade products to complete this maintenance task.

4 oz. bottle

Urnex Rinza is the product to:

  • Use on auto frothers, steam wands and frothing pitchers
  • It removes mineral buildup and calcium deposits that occur from milk steaming and frothing.



For Use on Autofrothers

1.  To fill dosing chamber, loosen cap and squeeze bottle.

2.  Mix solution of 30 ml Rinza Acid Liquid per 500 ml cold water.

3.  Insert suction tube into solution.

4.  Run entire solution through frother.

5.  Repeat above with clean cold water to thoroughly rinse all components.

For Use on Steam Wands and Milk Pitchers

1.  Soak parts or steam wand for 15-30 minutes in 30 ml Rinza Acid per 500 ml water.

2.  Rinse all components with clean water.