Stainless Steel Pannarello Cover⎮Replacement Part no. 996530000926 for Saeco Philips Superautomatics

The stainless steel pannarello sleeve covers the pannarello on the classic milk foamers of Philips Saeco superautomatic espresso machines.  

Ideal for HD8911/47, HD8911/48, HD8911/67, HD8924/47 and several other models

Entire pannarello consists of 3 parts 421941300671 black grip, 996530000925 inner sleeve, 996530000926 stainless outer cover, this is sold complete

The pannarello cover may need be to replaced if:

  • It is cracked or broken

See the models that can use this pannarello cover below.


RI9828/47, RI9833/41, RI9833/43, RI9833/47, 

RI9836/41, RI9836/43, RI9837/41, RI9837/43, 

HD8743/03, HD8745/01, HD8745/02, HD8745/03, 

HD8745/04, HD8745/05, HD8747/01, HD8745/06, 

HD8747/02, HD8743/11, HD8745/07, HD8747/03, 

HD8743/12, HD8743/13, HD8745/09,HD8743/15,

 HD8745/11, HD8743/16, HD8745/12, HD8743/17, 

HD8747/09, HD8743/19, HD8745/18, RI93084/01, 

HD8745/19, HD8745/21, HD8750/11, HD8755/01, 

HD8745/22, HD8755/02, HD8745/23, HD8750/13, 

HD8750/18, HD8750/19, HD8745/41, HD8745/42, 

HD8745/43, HD8745/44, HD8745/47, HD8770/01, 

HD8770/02, HD8750/47