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Saeco Aulika Evo Focus Superautomatic Espresso Machine

Aulika is equipped with “one touch“ logic, and automatically provides cappuccino and milk coffee, thanks to a special next generation cappuccinatore, The “Pinless Wonder“.

Pinless Wonder is a project originated in the Philips research laboratories and applied to Saeco products: this system, inserted in the machine nose, offers fresh-milk-based drinks of the highest quality and taste.

The milk froth and temperature are perfect, in terms of texture and consistency: these are the two essential factors that guarantee the brewing of excellent cappuccino and tasty milk coffee.

In addition, milk frothing is always regular, with no “splash“ effect.

The Aulika Focus is the next generation of the Saeco Royal (known as the workhorse) of the Saeco superautomatics.


Made in Italy

Coffee bean hopper 590g

Water tank 2.5 L

Coffee grounds container 18

Milk frother Automatic & steam wand

Boiler & Pump Double

User interface

LCD screen Simple graphic icones

6 levels of intensity

Beverage options 7

Grinder Stainless steel

Pre-ground option Yes

Grinder settings 8

Spout height Adjustable 3.25’’ - 5.5’’ 85 – 140 mm

Dimension W x D x H

13 1/4’’ x 17 3/4’’ x 15 ‘‘   336 x 450 x 380 mm


The quality of the parts, attention to every detail and its modern design make Aulika Evo Focus the perfect professional coffee machine for work environments such as offices and small restaurants, where reliability and top quality dispensing are essential.

Thanks to the new interface with backlit icons, which offers a wide range of direct-touch drinks, you can select your chosen drink with a simple and intuitive gesture.

The dispensing area has been enhanced by the blue and white LED lighting that accompanies drink preparation, giving a touch of elegance and sophistication.