MilkMate 2005⎮Milk Cooler for Office or Commercial Espresso Machines

Are you worried about spoiled milk around the office espresso machine and hate the mess it makes?

The MilkMate 2005 is an ideal piece of equipment to add to any espresso machine used in high traffic areas.  It will help making milk based drinks easy, clean and safe.

Avoid any chance of spoiled milk and save time by not having to go to get milk every time you want a milk based drink.  Simply place a one gallon jug of milk into the MilkMate and access milk any time you need it. No more pouring, spills or mess. The beautiful stainless steel housing has a clean and elegant finish that will compliment any machine.


  • 1 gallon cooler or 3.78 Litres
  • UL and NSF approved
  • Top loading 
  • Dimension 15" X 9" X 12 " (L x W x H)
  • 120 volt