JURA Care Maintenance Kit 71577

This JURA Smart Care Kit helps you properly maintain your espresso machine while saving you time and money.

Kit includes: 3 CLARIS Smart Filters*,  1 (6  pack) cleaning tablets, one 250 ml milk frother cleaner and 2 silicone cappuccino hoses

*Please note: This kit only contains the CLARIS Smart Filters for Jura: Z6, E8, E6, J6, Z8 ,, D6, Giga 6 and ENA 8- if your espresso machine requires the CLARIS white or blue filters, this kit will not be compatible with your machine.

The JURA Care Kit includes everything needed to ensure great-tasting coffee and the longevity of your espresso machine. The JURA maintenance kit comes with JURA water filters and JURA cleaning tablets that are used to flush your espresso system with the safest, most powerful cleaning solution available. Keeping your espresso machine clean using the JURA maintenance care kit will ensure your coffee tastes great and your machine remains sparkling clean and free from all damaging residues.