JURA Cleaning Tablets 6 pack Item 62715

2-phase-cleaning tablets for all Jura espresso machines in package of 6.

It is highly recommended to use original JURA cleaning products to ensure your JURA machine lasts a long time.

In combination with the integrated, electronically controlled cleaning program, the 2-phase cleaning tables reliably removes coffee fats between the brewing unit and the coffee spout.

As well as cleaning the brew unit, it  also seals all the pipes, delaying the deposition of coffee oils with lasting effectiveness. 

Thanks to the innovative technology, the 80 degree C and 176 degree F cleaning operation is perfectly timed.  This guarantees optimum hygiene and cleanliness, without the need to remove the brewing unit and clean it manually. 

Everything happens at the touch of a button and without the user having to reach into the machine.

Check out Jura's Youtube channel for videos on how to descale each particular model.