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Saeco Philips Espresso Machine TLC Bundle

This bundle is an exclusive offer for customers who have purchased a Saeco Philips coffee machine. It is not available to the general public.  Take advantage of the savings today!

The bundle includes everything you need to maintain your machine in proper working order. 

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The bundle includes:

  1.  454g bag of Miscela Bar coffee beans ( Espresso Canada coffee beans are non-oily, roasted daily specifically for use in superautomatic espresso machines.
  2. 1 AquaClean Filter (consistent use of the AquaClean Filter means you don't have to descale your machine for up to 5,000 cups)
  3. 1 bottle of Rinza used to clean milk frothing components
  4. 1 package of Cafiza tablets (used for a deep clean of the brew unit)
  5. 1 tube Lubrifilm used to lubricate the brew unit after deep clean
  6. 1 O-ring fro the brew unit which should be changed 1x / year