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Iced Espresso: The Perfect Summer Drink ⎮Tips and Recipes

            Iced Espresso Recipes by Espresso Canada

With the hot weather quickly approaching, it's time to figure out how to prepare cold coffee drinks so we can quench our thirst without sacrificing our need for caffeine. Thankfully, espresso is just as delicious served cold or iced as it is hot.  Here are some tips on making the perfect iced espresso and some recipes to get your started so you can cool off on hot summer days.

Start with the Perfect Espresso Shot

Whether you make your espresso with a high-end manual machine, superautomatic or moka stovetop, the important thing is making sure it is the best espresso you can make. A chef will tell you the quality of a dish depends primarily on starting with best and freshest ingredients. The same philosophy applies here. The quality and freshness of the espresso beans you use for your coffee is of outmost importance.

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Espresso Drink Guide from Espresso Canada

Espresso On the Rocks

Ever pour a drink into a glass of ice, just to watch the ice blink out of existence? Enjoying a drink with ice is not the same as enjoying an iced drink. While you may first attempt to pour your hot espresso shot directly into a glass of ice, the resulting lukewarm drink - sans ice - is hardly worthy of being called an iced coffee. Unfortunately, many high end cafés serve this very bad example of an iced coffee. Here are a few options to enjoying your cold iced espresso the right away. 

1. Make several shots of espresso, place in a container (preferably glass as to not compromise the taste), and keep the container in the fridge. This way you will have cold espresso on hand before you make your cold espresso drinks. If you are going to sweeten your espresso with sugar, be sure to add it when it is hot so it dissolves and gets thoroughly incorporated. 

2. Pour espresso in ice trays and freeze. The iced espresso cubes are perfect for adding into iced drinks. This will ensure your iced coffee drinks don't become watery and diluted. To add some interesting dimension, try freezing your coffee in spheres (ice balls) or large squares. These will make a visual statement in your iced coffee drink.

3. The iced espresso cubes are also perfect for putting into your blender so you can make an iced espresso granita (shaved ice) or blended coffee drinks.

Flavoured Iced Espresso

For the pure espresso experience, coffee beans may be all you need. But on a hot day, sometimes experimentation with flavour is the way to go!

Here is a tasty syrup you can try with your iced espresso.

  • Sugar or espresso syrup

Here is how you can make espresso syrup.  Espresso syrup is  a handy flavouring to have in the kitchen which is very easy to prepare.  The rich coffee syrup can be used as a sweet flavouring in many recipes or by itself served warm with pancakes, crepes or waffles. 

Easy Espresso Syrup

4 caffé ristretto (4 ounces or 120ml)

3/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

Prepare the caffè ristretto.  Set aside. In a small saucepan, combine the sugar and water and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and let simmer 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and let cool for 1 minute. Stir in the brewed espresso. Let sit at least 30 minutes before using. Store in a sealed jar or bottle in the refrigerator up to 1 week. 

For those with a sweet tooth adding delicious new taste with caramel sauce may be a hit. Again, be sure to add before any cold milk or ice cubes for a more consistent incorporation.

  • Caramel sauce

Feeling more adventurous? Try a lesser-used addition for a different take.

  • Coconut milk

With a slightly nutty flavour, coconut milk could provide that refreshing, silky drink you need. 

Cold Refreshing Espresso Recipes

Here a few classic Italian iced espresso drinks that will be sure to hit the spot on hot sultry summer days.


The Espresso Fizz

Espresso Fizz
Prior to the days of Coke and Pepsi, it was very fashionable in Italian bars and cafés to order favoured fizzy beverages like the Espresso Fizz.
3 tablespoons Espresso Syrup (recipe listed above)
Ice cubes
Cold seltzer or soda water
Ice cubes
Tall glass
Garnish (lemon twist, orange or lime twist)
1. Pour the syrup into a tall 12 ounce glass.
2. Fill with ice and soda water.
3. Stir to blend.

The Shakerato

Shakerato Italian Iced Espresso Drink

The Shakerato is perfectly simple yet delicious.  A versatile drink that can be served during the day or as an after dinner drink.  The fact that you can kick it up a notch by adding some liqueurs make it a great after dinner choice.

1 teaspoon sugar or 1 tbsp. simple syrup. 
1 shot of espresso (chilled)
½ cup of ice 

Martini glass
30ml shot glass for measuring
Cocktail shaker
Cocktail strainer

1. Fill the shaker with ice to prepare for your Iced Coffee Cocktail! 
2. Add a short black cold shot of espresso.  Add any liqueur you wish at this point: Bailey's or Sambuca are recommended.
3 1 teaspoon of sugar or 1 tbsp. of simple syrup.
4. Cover the shaker – and shake vigorously.  This will create a frothy foam when dispensed in the glass.
5. Remove the cover and put the strainer over the top, before pouring the contents into a martini glass.

The Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha Drinks Topped with Caramel, Chocolate Syrup

This is a decadent drink but so worth it.  The chocolate enhances the taste of the espresso and together they create a blissful marriage. This a great drink to serve in the summer.  Your friends will be impressed. 

1.5 cups cold espresso
2 cups milk
1/4 cup Torani Chocolate Syrup
Sugar to taste 
Whip cream - optional 

Ice cube trays

1. Fill the ice cube trays with sweetened espresso. Freeze overnight until solid.
2. In a blender, combine coffee ice cubs, milk, and chocolate syrup.
3. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses.  Add a few extra iced espresso cubes so  you can sip it slowly and it will stay nice and cold. 

Top with whip cream. It's summer! Splurge a little. 

Always Experiment

Don't be afraid to try different things when it comes to iced espresso. In fact, "iced" is already a variation on the classic espresso. 

The important route is to create an enjoyable drink to get you through the day. As long as you love your creation, that's all that matters.

For any espresso equipment, beans or advice, contact us.

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