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Hi, I'm Luciano

I stumbled upon my first Saeco superautomatic espresso machine in 1987.  When I learned I could make an espresso with the push of a button, I was in awe.  When I tasted it and found it was just as rich and complex as any espresso I had tasted in many Italian cafés, I was hooked.  I was so excited about my discovery that I told everyone around me about it. My excitement turned into a passion and I have dedicated the last three decades to selling and servicing superautomatic espresso machines and I continue to be as excited about them today as I was 30+ years ago. 

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Let me help you find the perfect machine for your needs.

By understanding your coffee preferences, who will be using the machine, and your daily coffee rituals, I am certain I can find a machine for you within your budget.  Let my 30+ years experience be your guide.

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Whether you are looking for a new espresso machine, have questions about the one you have or need advice on coffee beans,  we're just an email away. Contact us today to start enjoying great espresso.

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