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What Makes Our Beans So Special

Our premium beans are proudly roasted in Canada following Italian coffee roasting traditions. We roast in small batches to ensure maximum freshness.  Above all, our coffee beans have minimal surface oil so your coffee appliances won't get clogged and you can enjoy great delicious coffee with a sweet velvety finish; not a bitter burnt aftertaste.

Here's how you save when you subscribe to Espresso Canada's coffee program

- 5% savings on each pound of coffee

-FREE SHIPPINGwhen you purchase 5 bags in your reoccurring subscription.

Anyone who has tried our coffee loves it! Don't just take our word for it. Read our customer reviews and you will see our customers agree.

Never Run Out of Coffee at Home or the Office

Espresso Canada has a simple belief: the best way to start your day is with great coffee. The worst feeling is running out of coffee when you really need a cup. Subscribe today and you will never have this problem.

Espresso Canada has been roasting premium ethically coursed espresso beans in small batches since 1987 following the traditions of Italy's finest coffee masters.  Our blends are crafted with low oil content to ensure maximum lifespan of the appliance used to make it.  No matter how you brew it, our beans give your coffee full-bodied flavour, thick lasting crema and a silky finish.

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Ethically Sourced
Premium Beans

Freshly Roasted

In Small Batches

Following Italian
  Roasting Traditions

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