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Miscela Bar | Italy’s Best Espresso Beans | Non-Oily Coffee Beans

Try Miscela Bar:  Most Popular Espresso Beans

Miscela means "blend" in Italian.  We have created a blend of beans, roasted perfectly in the Italian tradition.   In fact, Italian barista insist that the best espressos beans are made from a blends of varieties.

Roasted to the medium dark range, the colour of the beans is a chestnut brown. This roast produces balanced flavours, aroma and acidity.  Our  most popular blend,  Miscela Bar produces a rich and balanced espresso with a thick, silky crema.

These beans are not oily and are the best coffee beans for superautomatic espresso machines. 

Bean Variety

Origin of beans: Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Indonesia.  The Miscela Bar blend includes both Arabica and high grade Robusta varieties.



Ideal Brewing Method

Specifically blended for Manual or Superautomatic espresso machines.  The minimal surface oil on the beans ensures grinders do not clog.    

Stove Top Espresso Makers, Drip, Percolators, Cold Brew.  The beans can be ground to your desired coarseness


Dark Chocolate.  Aroma refers to the smell of the coffee. It is responsible for many of the flavours perceived by the tongue.


Sweet.  Describes the overall and combined sensations / perception of the coffee's distinctive aromatic and taste characteristics, the fusion of body, acidity , aroma and aftertaste.


Full bodied, smooth and velvety.  This describes the physical property- heaviness or mouthfeel- of  the coffee coating the tongue.


Medium acidity.  Without acidity, a coffee will tend to taste dull and lifeless.  A good acidity will lean towards being  sweet, crisp and tart - each enhancing the other qualities in the coffee


Packaged in a kraft bag with a one way valve engineered to release gases and prevent air from entering the bag which ensures freshness and optimal flavour.  The resealable bag is ideal for storing beans in the original packaging helping the beans stay fresh after opening.  Beans will remain fresh in this bag for 3 to 4 weeks after opening.  


Never store beans in a freezer because the moisture will adversely affect the taste and the moisture can clog your grinder. Beans will also absorb the flavours of nearby foods.