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Going strong since 1987

I've been in the superautomatic espresso machine business since 1987. These machines have been my world for over 30 years!

Consider that Saeco launched its first fully automatic espresso machine in 1985. As you can see, I have been part of this industry from near inception. And my commitment to this product has not waivered even when it was bought out by Philips.

Growing up in an Italian home, espresso was part of daily life and making the perfect espresso was expected. Then in 1987,  I discovered the first superautomatic espresso machine while at a trade show in Montreal, Canada. I was completely awestruck that with a push of a button, I could enjoy the best espresso I've ever had in my life without any fuss or mess! It changed my life so much that I've dedicated my career to ensuring others can enjoy the same experience.

I serve as a liaison between the Philips Saeco European headquarters and its North America branches. I also act as a trainer for other Philips service centres.

I am committed to a lifetime of learning about espresso and I want to share this knowledge with espresso enthusiasts in Canada.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am obsessed with espresso,
and since you've ended up here, I can only assume that you are too. 

My goal is simple:  to provide the necessary tools and share knowledge that will enable my clients to make the perfect cup of espresso in their home, office or workplace, because life is too short to drink bad espresso.