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Espresso machines can be categorized into four main groups: manual, semi-automatic, superautomatics, and capsule machines. 

Superautomatics are also referred to as "one touch", "bean to cup",  and "fully automatic" espresso machines.  

With the touch of one button, superautomatics will grind the beans, tamp, brew,  and dispense the used coffee.  Some models of superautomatics will also heat and froth milk for milk-based drinks like cappuccinos or lattes with one touch.

The beauty of a super-automatic is that they are really easy to use, provide a consistent coffee or espresso, can be customized to produce a coffee or  espresso just the way you like it and they are easy to clean and maintain.

Here is a link to see learn more about superautomatics:

There are so many reasons why having your own superautomatic is a great idea:

1. It is great to wake up in the morning and have a great coffee at the push of a button without having to leave your house.

2. You will save money by making your cappuccino or latté at home rather than go to the local coffee shop.

3. It is great for entertaining: make specialty drinks for your family and friends.  You can also move the machine to your patio for summer entertaining.

4. Superautomatics are much more cost effective than capsule machines.  Where capsules can cost anywhere between 50 cents to $1.00 per drink, the cost of making an espresso with fresh beans will range from 12-25 cents per drink depending on the cost of coffee beans purchased. Superautomatics are also eco-friendly.  You will not be throwing plastic pods or capsules into the landfill.

5. It is a very versatile coffee appliance: a superautomatic can make so many types of coffee including espresso, americano, and milk-based drinks where other coffee appliances can only offer one brewing style.


The resounding answer is yes.

See how a superautomatic will help you keep your coffee budget in check.

With good care and maintenance your machine will last a long time.

The time you invest in ensuring your superautomatic espresso machine is clean and well maintained will pay huge dividends. Don’t despair, it’s not as hard as you may think.  Understand what weekly and monthly cleaning schedule you should follow and you will be well on your way to enjoying delicious espresso and  milk based drinks for a long time. 

Read this blog to learn how or download a FREE cleaning guide here.

We have customers who have had the same espresso machines for over 25 years.  Take care of your machine and it will last for years.

Here are 10 important questions to consider when you are ready to purchase your superautomatic espresso machine. Considering these questions will help guide you in determining the features that are really important to your coffee taste and coffee lifestyle.

1. Is the machine for home or office use?

2. How many people will be using the machine?

3. What kind of drinks will you be primarily be making: coffee or milk-based?

4. Does the machine need to accommodate travel mugs? 

5. Will non-espresso drinkers use the machine: what kind of coffee do they expect?

6. Do you have any decaf coffee drinkers?

7. Where will the machine be placed or reside, and is the bean hopper and water tank easily accessible?  What are the dimensions? Will it fit under by cabinets?

8. Who will maintain the machine?

9. Does the price justify how often I will be using the machine?

10. Who can help meunderstand how to use my machine or provide service if needed?

YES, the type of beans you use mattter. The very first thing you need to consider when you start using a superautomatic espresso machine is the type of beans you will be using.  Two types of beans to avoid at all costs are flavoured beans and super oily beans. 

Using beans that are flavoured will forever compromise the taste of coffee your machine produces.  If you use oily beans, various components of the machine will become sticky and gummy. This will impact the quality of the coffee it produces and overtime parts will need to be replaced.

Make sure beans are not overly roasted, which produces those oils which will cause havoc.  

Our blends "Miscela" in Itialian, are roasted to be used in all types of espresso machines but it is specifically formulated to work in superautomatics.

Check out our blog for more information.

Coffee is by nature a very oily substance.

Over time, coffee oils accumulate inside of your machine to form a rancid residue. This residue is responsible for the acrid smell you may recognize coming from a poorly maintained machine.

Unfortunately, this residue causes more than just bad odour.

If allowed to develop, residue inside of your machine will eventually clog its filters and tubes and cause it to malfunction.

Well before your machine clogs or you even notice the signs of neglect, the stale residue lining the inside of your machine will begin to affect the taste of the fresh coffee you prepare.

There are numerous studies which highlight the benefits of drinking coffee.  Here is what the scientific research has concluded about drinking coffee.  It:

-strengthens long-term memory

-improves concentration

-is high in anti-oxidants

-boosts physical activity

-is low in calories

-aids in weight loss

-lowers the risk of stroke

-improves digestion

-reduces chances of diabetes

-improves your mood

In short, you should not feel guilty about indulging in an espresso.

Learn more here.

Espresso Canada's coffee subscription provides coffee lovers with the opportunity to receive premium, ethically-sourced, freshly roasted coffee beans delivered directly to their home or workplace.    

Buying a coffee subscription for yourself or someone you love, guarantees you will never run out of coffee beans again. 

You choose how much and how often you wish to receive your coffee order.

The benefits of a coffee subscription program is that you will save time and money.  

Enrolling in the coffee subscription program saves you 10% off our regular retail price on each 454g (1 lb.) of coffee.

1. Visit our coffee bean collection page.

2. Choose the blend that you like.

3.Choose the frequency of delivery best suited for you. Your first order will be shipped immediately upon purchase.Your subsequent orders will arrive on the schedule you chose (e.g., every 14 days)

4.Your credit card will be charged each time your order is filled.

5. You may cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

This really depends on how much coffee you drink.

Each coffee/espresso takes approximately 7g of coffee beans to make. Based on our 454g (1 lb.) bag, you can make approximately 64 coffees/espressos.

For example, if your household consumes 4 coffees/espressos each day, our 454g (1lb.) bag will last you 16 days. In this case, your coffee subscription should be a 454g (1lb.) bag every 14 days.

Espresso can be served at any time of day.  Presentation is everything so be sure to serve your espresso in a porcelain cup that holds no more than 90ml of liquid.  These cups are sometimes referred to as a demi-tasse.

Cups should be heated as an espresso is only 60ml of liquid and it will quickly get cold if served in an unheated cup. 

You can heat cups by placing them in a cup warmer, or fill them with water and heat in a microwave or fill with hot water from your espresso machine and wait about 30 seconds before making a coffee.  Of course, be sure to throw out the water before you make an espresso.

Check out our blog for more information about the cups you choose.