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Health Benefits of Espresso ⎮Drink Espresso for Your Overall Health

            Health Benefits of Espresso ⎮Drink Espresso for Your Overall Health

Today’s society is much more conscientious about what they are consuming and how it might impact their health. As we learn more about what we eat and drink, it seems that our list of possible indulgences grows shorter and shorter.

One thing we can feel good about keeping in our diet is coffee. There is growing evidence that coffee is good for you. In fact, according to Harvard School of Medicine, doctors are now recommending coffee to their patients. But you’re an espresso drinker, you say. No need to worry; the benefits are just the same.

Here is what the research is uncovering about espresso. Espresso has a wide range of benefits that positively impact every aspect of our being including our brain, our gut, our energy levels, our mood, and overall health. But the most amazing thing is that espresso and coffee may actually help keep life threatening diseases at bay.

Espresso positively impacts your brain

Espresso improves memory and concentration

It has been shown that drinking espresso can help with with long term memory. First, it aids in your brain's ability to retain stored information, and secondly, it also helps in recalling that information.

If you were to have an espresso while studying for a school exam and then had an espresso right before the exam, the espresso helps you to remember the material better.

But that is not all. Another way espresso helps your brain is by increasing its ability to concentrate. Espresso kick starts the dopamine in your brain, helping with concentration.

Espresso Helps Brain Function⎮Espresso Canada

Espresso Positively Impacts Our Gut

Espresso improves digestion and weight loss

A cup of espresso can help your digestive cycle. If you have troubles with digestion, try adding espresso to your routine. Maybe that is why Italians finish off their meals with an espresso!

The anti-inflammatory qualities of espresso can keep you from feeling bloated and sick after a meal. Instead of feeling like lying down for a nap, the increased energy espresso provides will make you feel like moving which aids in digestion.

The fact that you can enjoy an espresso without needing to worry about excessive calorie intake is another great benefit. The amount of calories is dependent on what you pair your espresso with (we’re not talking about the full fat mocha latté topped with whip cream and a shot of vanilla syrup), but an ounce of straight espresso only comes in at about 3 calories.

That makes it a great choice to start your day off on the right foot.

Espresso positively impacts your energy level

Have you heard some people say they can’t drink coffee late in the afternoon claiming it will keep them up at night? There is in fact evidence that drinking espresso gives you a boost of energy. If you're ever feeling as though you're beginning slow down during the day, an espresso can be the best way to combat that kind of exhaustion.

But did you know that drinking an espresso right before beginning physical activity can increase your performance? Having an espresso a half hour before a workout can make a big difference in the results you see. Whether it's a sporting event or your daily workout, espresso can be the thing that will enhance your efforts.

Espresso gets your adrenaline pumping, which enhances your strength and speed. This makes you perform with greater efficiency than you could normally achieve without it.

The increase in adrenaline can also help at keeping you going for a longer period of time. It also works well as a pick-me-up during the low energy hours of the afternoon. One espresso can make a big difference in your productivity.

Espresso positively impacts your mood

Drinking espresso helps the brain release dopamine. Levels of dopamine in a person's body is what impacts mood. When you drink espresso, your brain sends signals to release dopamine which helps you feel happier.

Espresso can also help those who suffer from depression. It boosts brain activity, takes away exhaustion, and stimulates a positive mood through the caffeine. Caffeine works its way into the brain where it affects the receptors that speed up nerve cells and lift your mood.

The effects of caffeine peak somewhere between forty minutes and an hour after drinking, wearing off around five hours. 

Health Benefits of Drinking Espresso

Espresso can help with life threatening diseases

Espresso and Stroke

Stroke continues to be a leading cause of death, especially in women. Studies are finding that drinking espresso helps to reduce women's risk of having a stroke.

One study shows that the more the patient drank, the lower the risk she had. Those who drank very little or nothing at all had a higher risk of having a stroke.

Espresso and Diabetes

In a world where diabetes is becoming more common, it can be a relief to find that espresso can help reduce the risk of diabetes.

It also is a much healthier choice than other types of coffee that many people drink throughout the day. Instead of loading up with sugars and creams, espresso can be enjoyed as is, leaving out those extra calories and fats.

You can get that energy boost without sacrificing your health.

Espresso and Parkinson's

Parkinson's Disease is another disease which may be held at bay by drinking espresso. Parkinson’s is characterized by a decrease in dopamine levels. When one drinks coffee or espresso, dopamine levels increase helping with the manifestations of Parkinson’s disease.

Espresso helps your overall health

As you have read,  espresso and coffee serves as a stimulant to the brain which governs all of our bodily functions and every facet of our being. The chemicals released in the brain when we drink coffee has a positive impact on our gut, our mood, our brain, and our overall health.

Additionally, there is growing evidence that coffee helps keep life threatening diseases like stroke, diabetes, and Parkinson's at bay. 

Remember too much of any good thing can be bad

Every good thing can become bad when consumed in great excess, and espresso is no different. While espresso can provide many health benefits that have been proven through scientific research, it should not be abused by consuming insane quantities. Drink espresso because you enjoy it, but not to replace other good health practices. Always be sure to consult with medical practitioners if you have any particular health issues or concerns.

Because the benefits of drinking espresso are many, you won't have to feel guilty the next time you're about to turn on your espresso machine. Instead, you can simply enjoy the luxurious experience and the benefits it provides are just a bonus.

It is great knowing that espresso remains that one indulgence we can continue to enjoy.

Want to learn even more about espresso? Contact us for more information.

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Finally! Something positive about drinking coffee. Don’t forget to add that drinking coffee helps alleviate migraine pain.

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