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Saeco Intenza Mavea Brita Water Filter Cartridge for Espresso Machines⎮CA6702/00

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***DISCONTINUED*** Use AquaClean filters

Espresso is made of two ingredients: water and coffee.  Both ingredients must be of superior quality to ensure the best tasting espresso.  

Freshly filtered water ensures intense aroma

  • for Saeco Espresso machines
  • Improves coffee taste
  • Protects against limescale
  • Replace every 2 months

The water filter settings can be adjusted to the hardness of your water. Simply turn the adjustment ring on the Intenza+ water filter. Set it to A for soft water areas, B for medium water hardness (factory setting) or C for hard water. This will ensure optimal limescale protection and best taste.

The water filter ensures a constant brewing temperature and consistent pressure during the brewing process, enhancing your espresso machine's performance.