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Dump Box⎮Replacement Part no. 421944082881 for Saeco Philips Superautomatics

The dump box is the component where the dregs (coffee pucks) are disposed into once a coffee has been made in a Saeco Philips Superautomatic Coffee Machine.

This dump box is compatible with the following Saeco Philips models:

EP2220/14 , EP2230/14, EP3221/44, EP1220/04, EP3241/54, EP5447/94, EP4321/54, EP4347/94, EP2231/44, EP3246/74.

The dump box may need be to replaced if:

  • It has not been well maintained with regular washing and has significant mold build up, or
  • It is showing signs of significant wear and tare due to age, or
  • It has been compromised or lost its shape because it has been washed in a dishwasher