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Saeco Grinder Assembly ‚éģReplacement Part no. 11022036

 Motor Coffee Grinder Assembly part no. 11022036 previously part no. 996530007214

Compatible with the following Saeco superautomatic coffee machine:

HD8943/29, HD8953/09, HD8953/11, HD8954/09, HD8953/19, HD8944/47, HD8946/47, HD8954/47, HD8944/01, HD8944/02, HD8946/01, HD8944/06,HD8946/02,HD8944/07,

HD8946/03,HD8944/08,HD8943/11,HD8944/09,HD8943/12,HD8943/13,HD8943/14, HD8944/13, HD8946/09,HD8943/16,HD8943/19,HD8944/18,HD8943/21,HD8953/01,HD8943/22,HD8954/01, HD8943/97,HD8944/22,HD8946/97,HD8953/97,HD8954/02

RI9944/01, RI9944/04, RI9946/01, RI9943/11, RI9943/21, RI9943/41, RI9943/43, RI9944/41, RI9944/43, RI9946/47,RI9943/97, RI9944/97,RI9946/97,RI9702/47

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