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Best Espresso Machine Repair ⎮Windsor

Espresso Canada

Luciano Iarusso is the man behind Espresso Canada.  He has been selling and servicing espresso machines for over 30 years.  He specializes in fully automatic espresso makers also known as superautomatic espresso machines. He can provide quick, efficient and knowledgable service to keep your espresso machine running smoothly and providing the best tasting espresso.

Why Get Your Espresso Machine Repaired at Espresso Canada

Espresso Canada is an authorized service centre for Philips/ Saeco espresso machines.  All original Saeco parts are used.   Espresso Canada also has the programmer to ensure all software updates are made to your espresso machine at the time of repair.

How espresso machine repairs work at Espresso Canada


Call Luciano {519.919.5217)}  or send him an email  {} indicating the make of your machine, the model and the issue you are having with your machine.

He may be able to help you trouble shoot your issue right away.  

Full coverage of warranty work can be obtained by calling Philips / Saeco at 1.800.933.7876.

In some instances, machines may not need a repair (broken components) but the machine may be sluggish and not performing optimally.  In this case, your espresso machine may benefit from a tune-up.  

Step 2

If your machine needs repair, Luciano will provide instructions on when and how to bring your machine to his repair facility located at 3110 Marentette.  At this time, only machines that can be dropped off and picked up are repaired at this facility.

A $50 fee will be collected at this time. This covers the cost of opening the machine to determine what needs to be fixed.  This fee will be applied to the repair cost if you decide to proceed.

Step 3

Once the machine is diagnosed, you will receive a call outlining the issue(s) found and the cost for repair.  You will give consent to proceed.   Sometimes your machine may not have a specific issue but may benefit form a tune-up.  

Espresso Machine Tune-Up at Espresso Canada

Cleaning grinder burrs, motor, calibrate grinder
Professional descaling, cleaning internal units
Soaking brew unit, bean hopper using food safe agents, replace o’rings, 
Rebuild steam valve
Replace water inlet o’rings, valve seats
Lubricate all moving components with food safe lube
Clean milk carafes, pannarello, milk systems
Assess and replace any o’rings/gaskets as required
Software updates if applicable

Please note , tune up service is a general maintenance.  During this process our technicians may also discover other underlying issues or parts that are worn.   In this case, our technicians will contact you to discuss issues and associated costs. 

Step 4

Once your machine is repaired, you will be called that it is ready for pick up.  

That's it. It's that easy.  Don't get caught without your coffee because your machine needs some attention.  Coffee is one thing we can't live without.