Free shipping on orders over $99.
Flat rate shipping of $9.95 on all other orders.

Copy of Espresso Canada Coffee Subscription Program

 Espresso Canada's Coffee Subscription Program

How it works:

  1. Visit our coffee bean collection page.
  2. Choose the blend that you like.
  3. Choose the frequency of delivery best suited for you.
  4. Your first order will be shipped immediately upon purchase.
  5. Your subsequent orders will arrive on the schedule you chose (e.g., every 14 days).
  6. Your will be charged each time your order is filled.
  7. You may cancel your subscription at any time without penalty. 

Here's what you get:


  1. Unparalleled value.  You cannot buy higher quality coffee at a lower price. Our customer reviews say it all. 
  2. Guaranteed discount of 12% off retail pricing.
  3. Flat rate shipping of $5.00 on coffee subscription program. Orders over $99 enjoy FREE shipping. Flat rate applies to a mixed cart as well.
  4. Brewing at home instead of buying from those hipster coffee shops only increases your savings.


  1. No more trips to the store for stale, out of date, inferior coffee. 
  2. Fresh coffee delivered right to your door as often as you need it, so you never run out.
  3. No cancellation or early termination fees.
  4. Shipping frequency can be easily adjusted. 

How much coffee should you order?

This really depends on how much coffee you drink. Each coffee/espresso takes approximately 7g of coffee beans to make. Based on our 454g (1 lb.) bag, you can make approximately 64 coffees/espressos.

For example, if your household consumes 4 coffees/espressos each day, our 454g (1lb.) bag will last you 16 days. In this case, your coffee subscription should be a 454g (1lb.) bag every 14 days.