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Philips LatteGo Series: What You Need to Know

            Philips LatteGo Series: What You Need to Know

The Philips LatteGo series which was launched in 2019 has been experiencing incredible popularity.  In particular, customers rave about the practical and simple way to froth milk using the LatteGo functionality.  They love that there are no tubes and the system can be easily disassembled to be cleaned. 

Like every appliance there are a few things to know to ensure the machine is working as it was intended.  Following are some of the main issues customers reach out to Espresso Canada about.  Read this blog to identify issues and know the fix.


Issue: Milk is not foaming from the LatteGo Milk Carafe

The user’s manual for Philips LatteGo machines indicates that the LatteGo carafe can be washed in a dishwasher.  Espresso Canada does not recommend this practice as the heat options varies between dishwashers.  Depending on the temperature of your dish washer's drying function, there is a good possibility that the LatteGo cup will disform when placed in a dishwasher.  If this happens it will not operate as designed. 

Additionally, detergents used in dishwashers can pit the finish of the LatteGo cup giving the cup a whiteish film and cloudiness.  

Finally, odours from other food sources can potentially be absorbed making the LatteGo undesirable to use.

FIX:  You can purchase a replacement LatteGo cup.  Having an extra cup on hand is desirable for several reasons.  Having an extra LatteGo cup is ideal for  anyone who has milk intolerances. A dedicated LatteGo cup will avoid any cross contamination.

LatteGo Cup for Philips Superautomatic Coffee Machines

Espresso Canada suggests washing the LatteGo Cup by hand. Best practice is give the LatteGo cup a thorough wash regularly by soaking it in warm water with ½ a teaspoon Cafiza powder for ½ an hour.  After the LatteGo cup has soaked, remove from the solution and rinse with warm water. This practice will remove all milk residue and solids.

Issue: No coffee is dispensing, and water is going into the drip tray 

This issue is caused by a damaged (torn or worn) o-ring (part number: 996530059399) on the top part of the boiler stem which is found behind the brew unit on the machine body. Most likely this is caused by friction from coffee grinds.

Boiler Stem O-Ring for Espresso Machines Replacement Part no.996530059399 Saeco Philips Gaggia

FIX: Change the o-ring by simply pulling out the old and sliding the new one into place. After you have changed the o-ring, be sure to wash the brew unit and use food safe lubricantbefore use.

While you are checking the boiler stem that the bottom o-ring on the boiler stem may need to be replaced (part number 996530059419).  It is not likely that this o-ring is damaged but it could happen.

Issue: Excess water is going into the grinds box and drip tray.

While you are checking o-rings, check the brew unit o-ring (part number 996530059406) This o-ring can get worn or fragile over time.  The brew unit is the heart of your coffee machine.  Ensuring it is in good working condition will ensure a long life and great tasting coffee. 

Brew Unit O Ring⎮⎮Philips Saeco Gaggia⎮996530059406 Nm01.044

FIX: It is good practice to change this o-ring once a year or sooner if you note signs of wear and tear.

Issue:  Coffee does not dispense properly

If coffee is not dispensing properly there are several things that may be causing this issue.

  1. The Philips AquaClean filter may be plugged. Remove the filter and test making a coffee without the filter. If this solved the problem, you can now install a new filter.  Remember when you install a new filter, you must shake the filter and soak in water for 20 minutes prior to installing it in your water tank. You will need to go through the AquaClean installation process for your particular model.
  2. The metal filter on the brew unit may be plugged. In this case, use Cafiza tablets to give the brew unit a deep clean. You can do this by placing the Cafiza tablet in the bypass doser and follow the instructions for each model.  After performing this cleaning be sure to brew a coffee and throw it out.
Clogged Brew Unit Filter on Philips Superautomatic Coffee MachinesCafiza Tablet Used in Bypass doser to clean brew unit of superautomatic coffee machines

Clogged metal filter on brew unit requires regular cleaning of the brew unit using Cafiza Tablets that are placed in the bypass doser of the coffee machine.


    • Press “Clean” button on machine interface and scroll down to “Brew Unit Clean”. Drop the tablet into the bypass doser and then press “Go”


    • First press “Coffee” icon and then press the “Bean” icon for five seconds until the “Scoop” icon lights up. Then press the volume of the coffee to three, add the tablet to the bypass doser and hit the arrow for the brewing.
    • Ensure all o-rings are in tact and not worn or cut. See information above.
    • Review the coffee beans you are using. If you are using coffee beans that are excessively oily or too dark a roast, you will need to either change the coffee beans you are using or grind it a little coarser.  The coffee roasted by Espresso Canada is optimally roasted specifically for superautomatic espresso machines.  The minimal surface oils of Espresso Canada blends make them ideal to use in Philips Coffee Machines.

    Issue:  Sporadic or no milk being foamed

    If this occurs and there is no damage to the LatteCup as discussed previously, there may be limescale stuck in the machine solenoid valves. 

    FIX: Remove the AquaClean filter, descale your machine. 

    The issues here are the main ones that customers have brought to our attention. If you are experiencing other issues consult our Learning Centre or YouTube channel for more information and resources.

    Machine is Under Warranty

    Remember, Philips coffee machines have a two year warranty.  IF the machine is not working properly, feel free to reach out to their service centre at 1-833-737-1212.  They can either provide a fix or have you send in your machine to be repaired by a qualified service technician.  

    Philips will provide you with a shipping label and pay for shipping the machine back to you.  So if your issue is ongoing get expert help on solving the issue

    SOS Maintenance Kits from Espresso Canada

    Espresso Canada has over 35+ years experience with superautomatics.  We understand what you need to clean and maintain your LatteGo machine, Espresso Canada has designed an SOS KIT that contains everything you need to keep your machine running smoothly.  It is an exclusive product available only through Espresso Canada.

    SOS Maintenance Kit from Espresso Canada

    ➡️ Check out this video that show you everything the kit contains and how to use it.

    If still have any questions, don't hesitate to reach outto us.  We want you to get the most out your LatteGo machine. 

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