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Philips Saeco 5500 LatteGo Series Espresso Machine EP5544/90 with LatteGo + Iced Coffee


Newly released in  May 2024 this coffee machine offers 20 delicious fresh bean coffees as well as the  LatteGo, the fastest to clean milk system ever! Easily make delicious coffee varieties like Espresso, Coffee, Iced Coffee, Iced Latte, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato at the touch of a button. LatteGo creates silky smooth milk froth and cleans up in as little as 15 seconds.


Here are the key feature  of EP5544/90

  • Enjoy 20 delicious coffees from fresh beans, including iced coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato
  • The intuitive touch display makes it easy to adjust aroma strength, coffee quantity, and the amount of milk froth
  • LatteGo provides silky smooth milk froth and is exceptionally easy to clean with just 2 dishwasher safe parts and no tubes
  • Go up to 5000 cups* without descaling with regular replacement of the AquaClean water filter
  • Large capacities in compact design: 9.7oz Bean Container, 12x Waste Container; 60.8oz
  • Large capacities in compact design: 9.7oz Bean Container, 12x Waste Container; 60.8oz





Easily make aromatic coffee varieties like Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato at the touch of a button. LatteGo milk creates silky smooth froth, is easy to set up and can be cleaned in as little as 15 seconds. 

Philips is so confident in the design and performance of this machine, they are offering a 2 year warranty.   Check out the features tab below for full details on what this machine has to offer.

Drinks:20 recipes range from warming drinks like espresso, milky lattes and cappuccinos, right through to cooling iced coffees. We've  calibrated our brewing system so even iced coffees have the same delicious flavour as hot drinks.

Quick Start Function: No more waiting for your machine to warm up. Our QuickStart function allows you to power on your machine and brew a coffee 

LatteGo Milk System- Top your coffee off with a silky smooth layer of milk froth.  The LatteGo mixes milk adds air at high speed in the round frothing chamber, then adds a splash-free creamy layer of milk froth to your cup at just the right temperature. The powerful cyclonic frothing technology lets you create silky smooth milk froth at the touch of a button, even with plant-based milk alternatives. 

Intuitive Display -There's little standing between you and your next delicious cup of coffee with our easy to use display.  In a few steps you can customize your fresh-bean flavour and flow smoothly from craving to cup.

Coffee Customizer-  Make any coffee your own with the coffee customizer's easily adjustable settings for intensity, coffee and milk length.

User Profiles- Enjoy coffee you love the same way every time with four user profiles that store your customized recipes.  With an extra guest profile, your visitors can savour a coffee exactly the way they like, without changing your own.

100% Ceramic Grinder- Our grinder are 100% pure ceramic extremely hard and precise, so you can enjoy fresh aromatic coffee, for at least 20,000 cups.

Extra shot function- Boost your drink's intensity with the coffee customizer's extra shot feature, which adds powerful flavour without the bitterness. 

Perfect Temperature and Aroma- The Aroma Extract system intelligently strikes the optimum balance between temperature and aroma extraction by keeping the water temperature between 90 and 98℃, while regulating the water flow rate, so you can enjoy delicious coffee.

12-step grinder adjustment- The durable ceramic grinder can be adjusted in 12 steps, so you can turn your beans into anything from ultra fine powder to coarse grindings.

100% ceramic grinder- The grinders are 100% pure ceramic- extremely hard and precise, so you can enjoy fresh aromatic coffee, for at least 20,000 cups. 

Easy to Clean-With just two parts and no tubes, our milk system can be cleaned in under 10 seconds. In the dishwasher or under a tap. Philips doesn't offer automatic cleaning as it requires complementary cleaning


AquaClean filter -By changing the filter after being prompted by the machine, you will not need to descale your machine for up to 5000 cups**, while enjoying clear and purified water.


Model No. EP5544/90

Service- Two year warranty

Country of Origin: Designed in Italy, Made in Romania


              Aroma strength settings: 5

              Coffee and milk length: Adjustable

              Grinder settings: 12

              Pre-brew aroma control

              Temperature settings: 3

              Extra Shot

              User Profiles: 4 + guest function


              Beverages: Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Iced coffee, Hot water, Americano, Caffè crema, Caffè latte, Travel mug, Espresso lungo, Ristretto, Flat white, Café au lait, Iced latte, Iced cappuccino, Iced americano, Iced caffè crema, Iced café au lait, Iced caffè latte, Iced espresso, Frothed milk

              Coffee powder option

              Double cup

              Milk double cup: No


Included: Measuring scoop, Water hardness strip test, AquaClean filter, Grease tube, LatteGo storage lid

Technical Specifications

              Cord length: 120 cm

              Voltage: 120 V

              Frequency: 60 Hz

              Capacity milk carafe: 0.26 L

              Capacity water tank: 1.8 L

              Weight of product: 8 kg

              Coffee bean capacity: 275 g

              Waste container: Frontal access

              Water tank: Frontal access

              Filter compatibility: AquaClean

              Pump pressure: 15 Bar

              Colour & Finish: Grey, Chromed

              Product dimensions: 246x371x433 mm

              Coffee waste container: 12 servings

General Specifications

              Adjustable spout height: 85-145 mm

              Milk solution: LatteGo

              Dishwasher safe parts: Drip tray, LatteGo

              Ease of cleaning & maintenance: AquaClean filter compatible

              User interface: TFT

              Grinders material: Ceramic

Other Features:

              Aroma seal

              Removable brew group

              Guided descaling



              ECO setting

              Energy label: A-class

              Power consumption brewing: 120 V

              Recyclable packaging material: >95%










EP5544/90  Brochure