Boiler Stem O-Ring for Espresso Machines Replacement Part no. 996530059419Saeco Philips Gaggia

In order to maintain your Philips Saeco or Gaggia espresso machine, you will need to replace this o-ring as part of the yearly maintenance schedule. If you see signs of wear and tear prior to one year, this o-ring must be replaced. 

This BOTTOM silicone o-ring is crucial in ensuring adequate pressure of hot water as it travels from the boiler through the brew unit.  

If your machine is showing any of these issues, consider changing the o-ring:

1. More than normal amount of water in the drip tray.

2.  Your machine may not be dispensing the proper volume of coffee.

Part no. 996530059419⎮(Nm01.057) Or Orm 0050-20 Silicone

Universal part for all Saeco Philips Superautomatic Coffee Machines except GRANBARISTO and GRANBARISTO AVANTI.