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Stainless Steel Pannarello Assembly⎮Replacement Part no. 996530000926 for Saeco Superautomatics

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The stainless steel pannarello assembly includes 3 parts:

1. A stainless sleeve covers the pannarello on the classic milk foamers of Saeco superautomatic espresso machines.  

2. The black grip

3. Inner foaming sleeve

Ideal for all Saeco HD and RI models that have a stainless steel pannarello wand.

Entire pannarello consists of 3 parts 421941300671 black grip, 996530000925 inner sleeve, 996530000926 stainless outer cover, this is sold complete

The pannarello cover may need be to replaced if:

  • It is cracked or broken

See the models that can use this pannarello cover below.


RI9828/47, RI9833/41, RI9833/43, RI9833/47, 

RI9836/41, RI9836/43, RI9837/41, RI9837/43, 

HD8743/03, HD8745/01, HD8745/02, HD8745/03, 

HD8745/04, HD8745/05, HD8747/01, HD8745/06, 

HD8747/02, HD8743/11, HD8745/07, HD8747/03, 

HD8743/12, HD8743/13, HD8745/09,HD8743/15,

 HD8745/11, HD8743/16, HD8745/12, HD8743/17, 

HD8747/09, HD8743/19, HD8745/18, RI93084/01, 

HD8745/19, HD8745/21, HD8750/11, HD8755/01, 

HD8745/22, HD8755/02, HD8745/23, HD8750/13, 

HD8750/18, HD8750/19, HD8745/41, HD8745/42, 

HD8745/43, HD8745/44, HD8745/47, HD8770/01, 

HD8770/02, HD8750/47