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Best Saeco Superautomatic Espresso Machines of 2019

            Best Saeco Superautomatic Espresso Machines of 2019

As the holidays are approaching, the number one question we are asked is our recommendation for the best Saeco espresso machine.  Read on to discover our top picks for 2019 with these three categories in mind: 

1. Best overall,

2. Best value for the features, and 

3. Best entry level. 

In addition this blog will provide our expert pros and cons list for each model.

At Espresso Canada we specialize in superautomatic espresso machines, also known as fully automatic, automatics or bean to cup machines.   The brand we have sold and serviced since the inception of our business in 1987, is Saeco.  Our 30+ years of experience allows us to speak about Saeco with confidence and knowledge. 

Espresso machines make the perfect gift for everyone. Why?

For Couples:

Surprise your love with a cappuccino in bed or mellow out while sharing a cup. It's the little things that strengthen relationships.


Man handing woman a coffee made with a Saeco Superautomatic Espresso Machine

For Newlyweds:

A super-automatic machine will be a joy for aspiring super hosts. Offering a coffee to the new neighbours or in-laws will make a great impression.

For New Parents:

Caffeine is a helpful ingredient for new parents who may need energy boosts to keep them awake and alert.  Besides, going out may be more challenging for new parents,,so having friends over for a great coffee is the perfect solution.

For Grads / University / College Bound:

Liven up the dorm room, study for finals, and cure a hangover or two. Also, save time and money!  By not having to rush to a coffee shop before class you will save time and not having to spend $3.00 - $4.00 on your caffeine fix will help your budget.

For Business:

Having a machine at work is a smart business practice.  Here are a few reasons why. Coffee in the office:

  • increases productivity and creativity, and
  • offers a benefit for both your customers and your staff

For Everyone:

Making coffee at home is cheaper, environmentally sound and many times more superior than the coffee you get at many coffee chains.  You can make specialty drinks your way. 

A machine is something the whole family can enjoy: the kids can make hot chocolates, hot water capabilities are perfect for the tea lover in the family, the variety of milk based specialty coffees you can make are sure to please everyone, and even the decaf drinker can get their coffee because the bypass dosers on each machine allows use of ground decaf to be used to make any coffee.

Woman having coffee

Investing in An Espresso Machines Make Economic Sense

Having a espresso maker at home saves you both time and money.  If you are not standing in line or a drive through to get you morning caffeine fix, you will have some extra time in the morning for yourself.   Not to mention the savings on gas too.

The graphic below shows makes a compelling economic argument for investing in an espresso machine.

Over a ten-year period, assuming you have three coffees per day, a consumer would be dishing out over $43,800 to go to a coffee shop compared to $6,000 in coffee beans. Yes, it requires the initial cost of purchasing a machine ($2,000 will get you a high-quality espresso machine) but the savings are still huge. Over a ten-year period, you would be saving a total of $27,000. 

Will a machine last for 10 years?  We have customers who have had their machine for well over 20 years.  With regular maintenance Saeco machines are built to last a long time.

Jura Sip and Save at Home Financial Analysis poster

I hope you see why investing in a machine makes sense.  Now you may be wondering which one to get?

Here are my top machines for you to consider either for yourself, your office or as a gift.

    Best Overall Saeco Espresso Maker

    iF Design Award in the Product Category was awarded to the Saeco Xelsis

    Xelsis SM 7684/04      

    Saeco Xelsis SM 7684


    • It has the most modern and sleek design of all Saeco machines. The Xelsis was the iF product design winner for 2018, a prestigious international award.
    • The absolute best feature of this machine is the automatic milk system cleaning function - -Saeco’s newest technology, the HygieSteam function will clean up the whole milk circuit with steam, from the spout to the milk tubes, at your command.  In addition, each time you make a drink with milk, Saeco Xelsis automatically cleans the milk system with a jet of hygienic steam, so it is clean and ready to make your next drink.
    • The illuminated water tank and high resolution display screen makes this the coolest machine on the market
    • It is the only model that can produce two cappuccinos simultaneously at the touch of a button- the Latte Duo Function.
    • Can produce 15 different coffee drinks from espresso to flat white
    • It has multiple user profiles for up to 6 user and with the new Touchscreen Coffee Equalizer, you can customize the strength, volume, temperature and taste of coffee, the milk foam amount and volume, and even the coffee and milk order.  Craft your coffee the way you prefer.
    • The Xelsis has a small footprint so it fits well on counters but the larger bean hopper so you don’t have to fill it with beans as often.


    • If you are looking for extremely hot milk for your specialty milk-based drinks be aware that milk cup system steams milk to approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Drip tray is a bit shallow, so it fills quickly which needs to be emptied more frequently 

    Customer Reviews:

    Customers rave about this machine. Read some reviews here.

    Best Value for Features

    PicoBaristo One Touch Cappuccino (OTC) HD8927/47


    Saeco PicoBarisoto HD8927/47


    • One Touch Cappuccino capability which means that this machine has a milk carafe which allows making milk-based coffees easy with no mess or fuss. With a touch of a button, you will get frothed milk and an espresso dispensed directly into your cup.
    • Small footprint makes it easy to fit almost anywhere.
    • Dreg drawer and drip try to slide through the front panel of the machine which makes cleaning these components a breeze since they are easy to access
    • It accommodates tall cups, so you can dispense your morning coffee directly into your travel cup and the dispensing head can be easily removed giving you even more room for even taller cups. You can fit cups from07 - 6.46 inches.
    • The interface has 3 lengths of coffee, a cappuccino, a latte macchiato and then the additional sub-menu giving you a choice of baby cappuccino, flat white, ristretto and more.
    • Carafes are easy to clean. The carafe handle making it easy to grab and you can store remaining milk directly in the fridge in the carafe itself for one to two days.


    • If you are looking for extremely hot milk for your specialty milk-based drinks be aware that milk carafes systems produce milk at approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • The milk carafe at start up (before milk is dispensed) spits out some hot water and some minor milk spray will occur

    Customer Review:

    Best Entry Level Espresso Maker by Saeco

    Philips Saeco 2200 Series Superautomatic Espresso Machine LatteGo Black EP2230/14



    • The LatteGo carafe produces the hottest milk
    • The carafe is comprised of two pieces making disassembly and cleaning extremely easy
    • The front loading water tank makes it easy to fill
    • This machine has a sleek and compact footprint
    • It accommodates tall cups so you can dispense your morning coffee directly into your travel cup
    • This machine comes with a two year warranty


    • You can only program one milk based drink
    •  A shallow drip tray needs to be emptied frequently
    • The trim level is very basic- black plastic finish

    Customer Review:

    These are our top three picks of Saeco coffee makers for 2019.  The pros and cons for each model should give you good insight on what to expect for the three categories: best overall, best value for the features and best entry level espresso machine.

    There will be nothing better than having an espresso machine on your counter for the holidays.  Everyone will love it- the kids can make frothy hot chocolates, you can enjoy an espresso or cappuccino and you will be the best host when you can provide a specialty coffee drink after the holiday dinner. Don’t waste another minute, add an espresso machine to your gift list.

    If you have any further questions about superautomatic espresso machines, contact us.

    Are you hoping to get a superautomatic espresso machine for the holidays?  Let us know in the comments or share this blog with the person who want to nudge.


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