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SAECO VS. NESPRESSO: Which is the better espresso machine?

            SAECO VS. NESPRESSO: Which is the better espresso machine?

For over 30 years, Saeco and Nespresso’s espresso machine innovations have redefined the way millions of people enjoy their coffee each day. With Saeco and Nespresso dominating the espresso maker industry, people often ask which is the better espresso machine? We choose Saeco. Here are the biggest differences between the brands, and the benefits of owning a Seaco.

Saeco a Top Name in Espresso Makers

Saeco was a small enterprise started in 1981 in Italy, in Gaggio Montano, near Bologna. Four short years later, Saeco was the first company in the world to develop the “bean-to-cup”, a completely automatic and innovative Italian espresso brewing system, from the coffee bean to the cup. Since then, Saeco has been gracing our cups with quality coffee within the comfort of our homes.

Now, in 2020, Seaco has a remarkable roster of coffee makers that cater to nearly everyone, no matter their lifestyle. Saeco machines combine Italian character and modern technology, offering full customization of beverages and create the perfect cup of espresso coffee.

Nespresso Enters the Coffee Scene

Nespresso quickly copied Saeco’s espresso machine concept, launching their first coffee machine in 1986 from Nestlé’s headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. Nespresso has emerged as one of the leading names among single-serve coffee makers, known for its capsule / pod coffee system.

It’s fair to say both brands excite users at the prospect of being their own barista, but which is the better espresso machine?

Saeco vs Nespresso: Which is the better machine?

Here’s what we found: Saeco simply makes a better tasting espresso and offers the most luxurious coffee experience.

Touching on topics from functionality to sustainability, here are the biggest differences between a Seaco and Nespresso coffee maker, and the beneficial aspects of owning a Seaco.

Cost of Espresso Machines

As consumers, we make choices that are self-serving, meaning cost plays a large factor when searching for espresso equipment. While Saeco espresso machines are more expensive up front, they are far less expensive to operate. If you stop to seriously consider the cost of the coffee you are drinking from a Nespresso pod, as opposed to the coffee you can enjoy from a Saeco espresso machine that uses real coffee beans, you will be shocked. Depending on how many you buy at a time, a Nespresso pod can cost over $1/each, while making an espresso from a Seaco espresso machine will cost you about 10 cents.

Below is a graphic that clearly shows the financial benefit of a Seaco machine versus a Nespresso pod machine over time.

In case you didn’t know, Saeco coffee machines have 100% ceramic grinders built in, so you don’t need to purchase additional accessories as you would for a stove top or French press. They also typically include accessories such as a measuring scoop, water hardness testing strip, cleaning brush and water filter.


Both brands’ core focus is to provide quality coffee to their customers. For Nespresso, packing all the flavour of a coffee into a small Nespresso pod isn’t easy. On the other hand, Saeco prefers to use freshly roasted coffee to give you a smooth, rich, and flavourful espresso experience. Saeco’s adjustable settings allows you to customize the taste and crema, and determine what strength, temperature, amount of coffee and milk is right for you.

Both are easy to use, however, Saeco has all the bells and whistles that will excite you and make your friends extremely jealous.


Both Saeco and Nespresso machines are by far the most efficient ways to make coffee. Whether you live a fast-paced lifestyle, are always late for work, or just can’t wait to have your morning brew, Saeco and Nespresso offer an instant cup of coffee from the comfort of your home. For Saeco, the machines take less than 30 seconds to heat up and all you need to do is effortlessly push a button to start. For Nespresso, you’ll need to take the extra step to insert a pod.

Before you know it, you’ll have barista-quality coffee right at home in less than a few minutes. Typically, coffee lovers from around the world know that making a barista-quality espresso is no easy feat. Luckily, the Seaco does everything for you – its adjustable grinder delivers the freshest cup of coffee, AquaClean filter purifies the water used and automatic milk system cleaning cleans up the whole milk circuit with steam, from the spout to the milk tubes, at your command. In addition, the HygieSteam function cleans the whole milk circuit with steam, from the spout to the milk tubes. It automatically cleans the milk system with a jet of hygienic steam after each milk drink.

Minimal cleaning is required for both machines. For Seaco, you will need to dump out the coffee grinds after every 10 cups of espresso. For Nespresso, simply remove the Nespresso pod and wipe down the coffee outlet.


When you go to a coffee shop, whether you’re a returning customer or not, there is no guarantee that you will get a good cup of coffee. Whereas using a Seaco or Nespresso machine means that you are going to get the same great result each time.

Arguably the most beneficial aspect of owning a Nespresso is the colossal variety of capsules available. Nespresso’s most popular coffee maker has one convenient machine for two cup sizes via two different capsule sizes – large pod for coffee and a small Nespresso pod for espresso. Nespresso’s Lattissima line of coffee makers is built exclusively for those who enjoy milk-based coffee, however, is fairly limited in its personalization capabilities for coffee to milk ratio.

Saeco offers the largest variety from a compact machine, spoiling coffee lovers with premium options for all of their coffee needs. Its newest models, like the Saeco PicoBaristo and Saeco Xelsis allow you to enjoy 15 different coffee drinks with the touch of the button. These espresso machines allow you to adjust the characteristics of your coffee drinks, including the strength, volume, temperature, taste of coffee, the milk amount and volume, and even the coffee and milk order.

In addition, Saeco espresso machines are equipped with the LatteDuo function, allowing you to create your favourite coffee drinks, including cappuccinos and latte macchiatos in double services, all with just one touch. This feature is great for householders with more than one coffee drinker and is great for hosting.


With coffee being one of the world’s most-traded commodity, it’s important the industry grows sustainably. Saeco espresso machines are simple – you insert coffee beans into the machine and all you are left with are coffee grounds. The coffee grounds are an organic matter that can be repurposed and even recycled. In fact, coffee grounds can be used in many ways, some of which you may have never considered. For example, coffee grounds can be used as a fertilizer for plants or in beauty products like a body scrub or hair mask.

Nespresso coffee makers are wasteful – most of the plastic Nespresso pods are usually thrown out after use. The company concedes 71% of its Nespresso pods are not being recycled, despite a global push to make it more convenient to save aluminium. When you consider the volume of Nespresso pods being sold each year (billions are sold annually), the waste generated is alarming.


On top of the landfill problem, there are the environmental costs of producing aluminium in the first place. Mining a tonne of aluminium can produce about 10-12 tonnes of waste, including 2-3 tonnes of toxic alkaline red mud.

Further, you can expect the Nespresso coffee maker itself to last less than five years. The actual machines end up in landfills as well, whereas Saeco espresso machines are built to last, using high quality materials, such as stainless steel and ceramic.

Best options available to you

So, the question that should make your decision: How important is having delicious espresso? There is no doubt the Saeco will improve your mornings, especially because it gives you countless, customizable coffee drinks. You get what you pay for, and with Saeco, that’s a luxurious espresso experience. (And it makes for a great gift for yourself or a special someone!)

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08 June, 2022


How to use Nespresso: Nespresso machines are easy to use. You just need to put it in a capsule, add water, and press a button. There are many different types of capsules, so you can choose the one that you like best.

29 July, 2021

Richard Golumbia

It’s all true. I’ve owned a Saeco Automatic for the past 13 years. If you do the math, you’ll see that an automatic will be saving you money in about a year and that’s even using organic beans which Nespresso does not have. Saeco builds their machines to last!

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