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Top Five Superautomatic Espresso Machines for 2022

            Top Five Superautomatic Espresso Machines for 2022

Superautomatic Coffee Machines -they are the most convenient way to make coffee, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and more from the comfort of your own home. 

If you love the convenience and long-term cost benefits of coffee at home, these machines are the way to go. You may hear them referred to as automatic coffee machines, bean-to-cup machines or superautomatic espresso machines, but whatever you call them one thing is for sure – it doesn’t get any easier to make excellent coffee and espresso beverages at home.

What is a Superautomatic Coffee Machine

Superautomatic coffee machines are appliances that make a variety of coffees and specialty coffees like latte or cappuccino fresh from whole bean simply with a push of a button. 

They do this by taking whole coffee beans and grinding them fresh for every single cup with the simple touch of a button. This means no more expensive or messy plastic K-cups and no more box store-bought pre-ground coffee that has already lost all of its flavour and freshness by the time you get home to make a coffee.

Check out this videothat shows how a superautomatic works.

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Why Espresso Canada’s Recommendations?

Espresso Canada has been selling and servicing superautomatic coffee machines since 1987.  When you consider that the first model launched in 1985, you can say we've been part of the superautomatic's whole life journey. We have seen the launch of each model and have worked on each model.  We like to think this makes us "experts".  It is with this knowledge and experience that we provide our list of top six superautoamtics for 2022.

Luciano Iarusso, Owner of Espresso Canada at Philips Saeco headquarters in Gaggio Montano Italy

Below is an in-depth look at six of our favourite best-in-class espresso machines for 2022. The top picks for this blog are based on our own first-hand experience with the machines, as well as customer feedback.

We’re confident that with the right care, these machines will give you the best results because they are the most popular and most reliable long-term. We ranked the top six machines based on best overall machine, best newcomer, best value, most versatile, best design, and the best high capacity machine.

Why the Saeco Philips Brand?

Since inception in 1981, Saeco has been designing and bringing to the market new models of espresso machines based on the developing coffee tastes and habits of the consumer. 

In July 2009, the company was bought by the Dutch electronics company Philips.  Now referred to as Saeco Philips, the company continues to be committed to research and innovation to address increasing consumer demands for quality, coffee with ease of use, durability, easy maintenance, hygiene,  and most of all choice in coffee drink variety.

This company continues to achieve the goal of providing an extensive choice in coffee drink variety. That is why it's not fair to call their machines - espresso machines.  Their appliance is truly a coffee machine because it can create any type of coffee desired.

Best Overall Superautomatic Espresso Machine for 2022

Philips Saeco 5400 Series LatteGo (EP5447/94)

The Philips Saeco 5400 Series LatteGo tops our list for best espresso machine of 2022, as it offers the perfect combination of pleasure, versatility and luxury. Equipped with a convenient carafe for milk drinks, a vivid and intuitive colour display, and capacitive press controls, the 5400 LatteGo makes it easier than ever to craft café favourites at home. The full beverage menu offers a total of 12 pre-set speciality drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, Americano, hot water, ristretto, frothed milk and more. Dual spouts also allow you to make 2 coffee drinks at once.

Philips EP5447/94 Latte Go Superautomatic

The star of the show is the LatteGo milk system. The carafe seamlessly locks into the front of the machine, the carafe froths and dispenses milk automatically when preparing any drink that calls for it. After brewing, the quick clean feature allows you to rinse the carafe before next use, and the deep clean function can be accessed from within the 5400’s menu. When not in use, you can store the LatteGo milk carafe in the fridge and you will be left with a hot water dispenser. This option is also great for making tea or hot chocolate.

The LatteGo carafe is comprised of two components that are easy to disassemble, clean and maintain.

Key Features of the Philips EP5447/94

  • Offers the best of Saeco’s beverage programming allowing you to fully customize each offering in the menu.
  • Set your desired temperature, brew strength and volume for all coffee drinks, as well as the quantity of milk for one-touch milk drinks.
  • Save customized settings in one of the 4 user profiles. Next time you go to brew, the 5400 LatteGo will remember your preferences and repeat your last preparation automatically at the touch of a button.
  • The machine also offers one guest feature, so that other friends can enjoy an espresso without disturbing your saved settings.
  • Adjustable coffee spouts open up the option to brew using a wide range of cups from small espresso glasses to larger mugs.
  • The machine also includes a bypass doser for pre-ground coffee, which can be especially useful for decaf drinks when you already have caffeinated beans in the bean hopper.
  • Finally, Philips is so confident in the design and performance of this machine, they are offering a 2-year warranty. 
When purchasing any machine with Espresso Canada, get free shipping and receive a free 1 lb. bag of our most popular coffee beans.

Best Value Superautomatic Espresso Machine for 2022

Philips Saeco 3200 Series LatteGo (EP3241/54)

If you’re a coffee or cappuccino enthusiast and want a great machine under $1,000, look no further than the Philips Saeco 3200 LatteGo espresso machine. Carrying on Saeco’s commitment to perfection, the 3200 offers the opportunity to prepare a perfect coffee with care, effort, and most of all, respect for the coffee itself. It strips down some of the bells and whistles of more expensive machines, while keeping Saeco’s proven signature brewing technology in order to give you the best possible cups of coffee and espressos that you can get from any bean-to-cup machines. With a sleek and modern glossy black exterior, the 3200 LatteGo is as stylish as they come and look good in any kitchen or bar aesthetic.

Key Features of the Philips EP3241/54

  • A legible, touch control panel, makes operation of this machine extremely easy. Just select the type of coffee you want and touch the appropriate icon, and the aromatic drink will be brewed in no time. It allows you total creative control of your coffee in three easy steps using the My Coffee function.
  • Choose from one of three power settings, set the amount of coffee and the amount of milk.
  • The machine will remember your settings and you will be able to drink the perfect coffee at any time.
  • The machine has the capabilities to make 5 aromatic espresso drinks at the touch of a button, including an espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, Americano, as well as can dispense hot water with one quick touch.
  • The Philips 3200 also includes a bypass doser for pre-ground coffee, which can be especially useful if you want to make a decaf coffee, but you have caffeinated beans already in the bean hopper.

If you like the idea of manual milk frothing, take a look at the Philips Saeco 3200 Classic Milk Foamer (CMF). This model trades in the LatteGo milk carafe for a steam wand. While this process of frothing milk a little more involved, the level of control and quality of milk foam you can achieve unlocks the possibility to customize milk drinks even farther. All you’ll need is a stainless steel frothing pitcher to make all of your barista dreams come true.

Philips is so confident in the design and performance of the 3200 Series that they are offering a 2-year warranty. With an intuitive display, easy programming and capabilities typically reserved for more expensive machines, the Philips Saeco 3200 Series secures its spot as our favourite for best value superautomatic espresso machines.

Best Newcomer Superautomatic Espresso Machine for 2022

Philips Saeco 4300 Series LatteGo (EP4347/94)

New to the Philips Saeco lineup in 2021, the Philips Saeco 4300 Series LatteGo espresso machine is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. This machine incorporates the same great LatteGo function from the 3200 series, while also giving you some great new options that make the machine the best newcomer. This coffee machine is extremely easy to set up, easy to use and easy for everyday brewing and cleaning.

Philips Saeco EP4347/94  Espresso Canada's Choice for Best NewcomerMachine of 2022

Philips EP4347/94


Key Features of the Philips EP4337/94

  • It also comes with the LatteGo container and lid, which is one of the easiest and best frothing systems we have seen in a long time. It’s different from a pannarello and carafe because it’s easier to clean (the machine does it for you) and the milk comes out a little bit hotter than most standard carafe systems, which we like.
  • The LatteGo allows you to top off your coffee with a silky-smooth layer of milk froth (you can use any milk or milk substitute in this container). The LatteGo mixes milk and air at high speed for creamy milk at the push of a button.
  • The machine has a 1.8 litre water tank meaning you will have plenty of water for brewing and steaming.
  • This line of Philips machines is pretty rinse happy – it rinses upon most start ups and shut downs 
  • The front-loading water tank makes it easy and accessible, especially if you have a low countertop. 
  •  The 4300 takes the same AquaClean filter which is optional but if you choose to use it, you won't have to descale your machine for 5000 cups.

There’s little standing in between you and your next delicious cup of coffee with the Philips 4300 LatteGo with its new display panel. Whether you like café latte, cappuccino or coffee, you can make it just the way you like it by adjusting the intensity and length. The machine makes 8 aromatic coffee and milk-based drinks at the push of a button. Plus, the machine allows you to program 2 user profiles allowing you to store you customized preferences so you can have your favourite coffee drink at the push of a button, just the way you like it.

Best Style & Design Superautomatic Espresso Machine for 2022

Saeco Xelsis Stainless Steel (SM7685/04)

Let’s say you want a flat white every morning, but someone else in your household prefers cappuccinos. Another person drinks Americanos, and someone else like Americanos, but wants them hotter and stronger. Rather than fiddle with your machine settings every time someone wants their favourite drink, why not utilize a machine that allows each person to save their unique drink preferences within the machine itself? The Saeco Xelsis does just that. It gives you a whopping 8 unique user profiles that can be customized, stored and saved so that you know you’re getting the drinks you want, exactly how you like them at the touch of a button.


Saeco Xelsis SM7685/04

Saeco Xelsis SM7685/04

Key Features of the Saeco SM7685/04

  • The Xelsis Stainless Steel allows you to type in each user’s name, which is different from all other models that simply have colour-coded user profiles.
  • For each beverage in your profile, the Xelsis will save your strength, volume and temperature preferences, as well as milk foam amount and volume, which can be changed at any time if you choose to do so.
  • The machine’s LatteDuo function allows you to create your favourite coffee drinks, including cappuccinos and lattes in a single or double serving, all with one touch.
  • Conveniently keep your milk in the milk cup with matching stainless steel lid which can be placed directly in the fridge.
  • Another premium feature of the Xelsis – and not found on any other models – is that it allows you to program the order in which coffee or milk is dispensed for each drink. It can do milk first for the cappuccino or lattes, and coffee first for a café au lait and flat white.
  • As for the machine itself, the Saeco Xelsis Stainless Steel is 100% Italian manufactured. It sports a full colour intuitive display thanks to the Coffee Equalizer™️ allowing you to craft 15 different coffee drinks the way you like.
  • It has an adjustable ceramic grinder, ensuring long-lasting performance without deterioration. This means your coffee will always be ground like the first time, delivering the best from your fresh beans for up to 20,000 cups.
  • You can fine-tune coffee richness with the 12 different grinder settings. In addition, the Xelsis Stainless Steel uses an AquaClean filter designed to improve the quality of your coffee by purifying the water. It also prevents scale build-up in the water circuit of your coffee machine: make up to 5,000 cups without descaling by replacing the filter regularly.

Best High Capacity Superautomatic Espresso Machine for 2022

Saeco Aulika Evo Focus

Our final category is for best high capacity machines. These are the superautomatics ideal for entertaining large groups, to use in small restaurants or for use in upscale office settings.

Our top pick here is the Saeco Aulika Evo Focus – the rejuvenation of a trusted classic. It’s a large machine with a lot going on under the hood. This is the model that the Saeco espresso machine reputation was built on – solid performance, cup after cup. 

Saeco Aulika Focus

Saeco Aulika Evo Focus


Key Features of the Saeco Aulika Evo Focus

  •  a metal burr grinder,
  • large water tank (2.5 litre) and bean hopper (590 grams) and
  • large drag drawer/drip tray, allowing you to make approximately 15 consecutive coffees before emptying it.
  • The Saeco Aulika Evo Focus is one of the last models still manufactured in Italy by the Saeco Commercial Division.
  • The Aulika Evo Focus can make up to 75 coffees a day, making it great for high-traffic areas like offices.
  • It’s equipped with one-touch logic, and automatically provides cappuccinos and other milk-based drinks, thanks to a special next generation cappuccinatore, the “Pinless Wonder”.
  • The milk froth and temperature are perfect in terms of texture and consistency.
  • Thanks to the new interface with backlit icons, which offers a wide range of direct-touch drinks, you can select your chosen drink with a simple and intuitive gesture.
  • The dispensing area has been enhanced by the blue and white LED lighting that accompanies drink preparation, giving a touch of elegance and sophistication that you can expect from all Saeco superautomatic machines.

If you have any questions about any of the espresso machines on this list, please get in touch with us.

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21 May, 2022


Trying to figure out how to clean the coffee bean hopper. There is nothing in the user manual and nothing online. It appears it is screwed in but there is no access to the screw. Help!

02 May, 2022

Joe Thompson


I currently own a Breville touch and am looking at upgrading to a superautomatic . I am looking at the Philips 5400 and was looking for some information and personal experience with this machine. Reliability of the machine and the quality of the drinks made. Thanks.

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