Bellucci Slim Line Superautomatic Coffee Machines

Bellucci was the original North American distributor for Saeco Coffee Machines during which time Bellucci worked closely with the research and development team at Saeco.  He was able to provide insights into coffee habits in North America and key features which were important to this demographic.

When Saeco sold the Italian company to Philips Domestic Appliances, Bellucci continued to stay connected in the superautomatic coffee machine space. He began to use his vast knowledge and experience to design his own line of superautomatics that had all the elements that were important to his customers.  Committed to the idea of a rich coffee first and foremost, he also concentrated on creating machines that were sleek and elegant but easy to use and maintain.  Through this commitment the Bellucci Slim Line was born.

The Bellucci Slim Series of Superautomatic Coffee Machines were released in the Spring of 2021. This collection stands out for its supersmall footprint, sleek design and excellent coffee extraction.